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 Every year, new lists of UI/UX architecture trends emerge, as is the case for all trends. However, there is an explanation for this. Because of oversaturation, as the bulk of players want to follow a certain pattern, it may eventually become unsuccessful. So, for designers, the way to go is to simply try them out from time to time in order to bring something different to customers, while for company owners, it’s a source of ideas for brand growth.

In this article, we will see some of the top trends in the field of UX designing which have become so popular in 2021. So, let us start,

Animations that are anthropomorphic

Blinking eyes and shaking heads are examples of animations that imitate human gestures. It contrasts with more flashy animation trends, such as the morphing shapes of motion graphics, which are prevalent in computer architecture.

The strength of anthropomorphic animation, on the other hand, lies in its finesse. You might be reading a product description and you note the character next to it has just swept her hair out of her eyes. The result is much more immersive, as though the architecture is just dimly aware of its own gestures, similar to how actual humans are.

Advanced micro-interactions

If the primary goal of this architecture is to communicate, interactive design may also achieve a physical back-and-forth: contact and feedback. Micro-interactions are described as moments where a user performs an action such as clicking a button that causes the page to react, and their goal is to promote a sense of tactile satisfaction.

Although page responses like these are nothing new, micro-interactions are becoming a lot more big-level in 2021. Extreme graphics and page transformations are used by designers to amplify them. This can include everything from abrupt zooms to a thorough reorganization of the page style.

Learning individuality

One of the most significant advantages of the digital era has been the availability of online education, which has made mastering a new talent or following a new career path more available than ever before. However, the disadvantage (in comparison to conventional schooling) is that it is entirely reliant on the individual: the pupil must both inspire themselves during the coursework and judge their own work. However, in 2021, this trend is changing since the students have now more authority on learning tools.

Person learning, in which instructional applications use matchmaking technologies, psychological assessments, remote input, and scheduling methods to customize the learning experience to each customer, is how designers do this. These are usually in the form of a comprehensive dashboard that makes tracking success, setting priorities, and learning from errors simpler than ever before. In this way, not only the design trends of 2021 have improved but also the students can learn in an interactive manner like never before. 


A key move in any program design is to map a user’s path. And in 2021, the trip will take a turn for the better as UX takes a virtual holiday. To put it another way, we’re seeing UX designers making exotic destinations and wanderlust lifestyles the focal point of their designs, instilling audiences with a sense of escapism.

Organic and vibrant color schemes, library scrolling, and oversized character portraits with layered copy create realistic depth are all examples of this movement. The use of minimalism in the UI elements is a crucial technique here, allowing the images to take center stage.

Branding transparency

A good user experience is like a quiet tutor. It tells users where menus and buttons are located without them having to think. However, navigation isn’t the only thing UX will teach you. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in UX that focuses on explaining a brand’s ethics by showing the consumer how goods or services are manufactured.

Labels highlighting the recycled fabrics used, as well as social media popups or overlays expressing straightforward rules on how content is moderated, are examples of this. Many of the visitors to a company’s website are conscientious consumers who want to see if the brand shares its principles.

Live association

A pandemic rendered work-from-home a world trend, just as it felt that work couldn’t get any more digital. As a result, it’s no wonder that online sharing capabilities have increased, and we expect this pattern to continue into 2021.

Live browsing, editing, posting, texting, and tagging are examples of these types of functions, which culminate in a resounding death knell for local files. UI programmers, for their part, use colorful color coding, innovative cursor patterns, and snazzy avatars to reflect these concurrent users.

The 90s retrospective look

VHS pixelated typography, screen ripping, glitch transformations, rudimentary 3D animation, and Memphis architecture are all techniques that can be used in this format. While the retro flair can be as discreet as you want, we expect this movement to be more prevalent on interfaces that can afford to be a bit more daring, such as singers, rappers, and streetwear labels.

This style has made headlines because people are nostalgic about the designs of the past and it is never too late to introduce them to the same designs as of in the nineties.

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