Digital marketing trends for 2021

So far, the digital marketing themes for 2021 seem to be based on two separate but almost opposing ideas. The first is a general humanization, which involves discussing specific problems and tailoring material to the customer, rather than mass appeal, in order to increase personal interaction.

Second, fine-tuning the behind-the-scenes places like SEO and how you organize campaigns, the basic building blocks that your happy consumers don’t see, is a lot more mechanical and technological optimization.

We’ll go over some of the hottest digital marketing trends for 2021 in this article to help you get a leg up on the rivals. Take these business patterns to heart and incorporate them into the new year’s digital marketing plan.


The importance of inclusivity of our present time and place in history can be seen in the front-page headlines. The number of people who want to see a more positive representation of equity in the content they watch and the products they buy is by the day, particularly among younger viewers and disadvantaged communities. They don’t want to see the same homogeneous material that we’re used to seeing.

In 2021, digital marketing will include a wide range of cultures, sexualities, ideologies, and other topics, as well as representation for individuals with physical and learning disabilities. This involves not just the imagery and videos you create, but also the subjects you share on social media and in blogs, as well as the items you sell.

Snippets & no-click searches

For a long time, the aim of SEO has been to get your listing to the top of the search results page. Now, when we approach 2021, the end goal is to increase SEO exposure in position zero.

Position zero applies to Google’s “featured snippet,” which will take precedence over all other SEO marketing phenomena in 2021. The featured fragment differs from other search results entries in that it is isolated from the others by a tiny box and appears at the end. More significantly, it also provides additional, appropriate information in an effort to address the user’s query without requiring them to click on it. That is why it is called a no-click search.

While it can seem counterintuitive to not get the connection clicked, the respect you gain as a thought leader outweighs a single click. Furthermore, for Google Assistant voice searches, featured snippets are also read aloud.


People in 2021 are as excited about environmental awareness as they are about the digital media movement of inclusivity. They want to make sure that the companies that get their funding are just as worried about the environment as they are.

We’re seeing a popularity boost for sustainable and eco-friendly products, particularly among younger customers, with more than 80% of consumers strongly believing businesses can help better the atmosphere. This is so even though the company isn’t selling eco-friendly goods. By publicizing your sustainability policies, you will gain a competitive advantage. 

To make environmental sustainability part of your persona, you must communicate your sustainability through your branding and content. Depending on your branding style, there are a variety of options, such as prominently placing a banner on your website or discussing it often on social media.


The digital marketing developments for 2021 aren’t just about optimism and progress; they’re also about solving challenges like ad blockers. With almost 27 percent of internet users predicted to use ad blockers by 2021, many advertisers are seeing their main source of traffic, including PPC campaigns, cut off at the source.

If your advertisements are blocked by adblockers, your safest bet is to adapt rather than wasting time attempting to persuade new buyers to change their minds. Adjust the ad budget to accommodate other, more profitable promotions, such as influencer marketing or funded content. Younger consumers are less receptive to show advertising in general, but they are more receptive to influencer marketing, so making a switch is recommended whatever situation you may face.

Image & video SEO

You already also know that you can use keywords to scan for photographs and videos, but did you know that you can even upload current images for search, or even take your own pictures and search for context? If more people become aware of these visual search tools, the world of SEO as a whole shift.

You’ll want to make sure your image and video SEO promotions are in tip-top condition to take advantage of the increased number of visual searches. Additionally, particularly if you’re an e-commerce company, get to know Google Lens. When shoppers perform image searches for brands or barcodes, you can draw traffic away from rivals if you use the right SEO strategies.

Interactive content

Quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, competitions, prizes, polling, calculator widgets, and other interactive material will work wonders for the company. At the very least, they lengthen users’ interactions with you, which improves your ranking in algorithm-based searches and feeds. Users, on the other hand, like to be involved, but immersive content nearly always enhances the user experience.

Thus, these are some of the digital marketing trends which you can employ to get the most out of your applications or websites.


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