Best WordPress related post plugins for 2021

By default, entries on WordPress pages are shown in reverse chronological order. This arrangement means that users see the most recent posts first, which will help to increase the number of views on those posts more quickly.

The issue is that if your blog has a lot of content, older posts will get buried, and people will be less likely to read them. You should use internal links in your blogs and pages to ensure that users can find and browse all of your posts, regardless of when they were written. Rather than linking to the most recent post, link to similar posts to help visitors explore more of your material, which can keep them coming back again and again.

Assume you have internal connections in your blogs and forums, and your sidebar displays the most recent posts. The issue is that seeing your most recent articles cannot be useful to your fans. You should have a display of linked posts in your toolbar, footer widget zones, and at the end of a post to ensure that your users can quickly access any of the material they want. To do that, what you need is a WordPress plugin.

We’ll look at the best-related posts plugin for WordPress in this article so you can give your users the best experience possible.

Contextual related post

The top-rated recent articles plugin in the WordPress directory is Contextual Related Posts. This free plugin lets you display a list of similar posts on your website and in your RSS feed. These lists are generated automatically using background clues from the title and content of your posts. All you need to do now is mount and trigger the plugin.

The accessibility and versatility of Contextual Related Posts (CRP) set it apart from other similar plugins on the market today. You may use a custom block in the Gutenberg editor, the [crp] shortcode, or widgets to show your relevant posts with the CRP plugin. In your show, you will have posts, websites, custom post forms, and even attachments. You may also add extracts and thumbnail images, which CRP will generate automatically based on the measurements you choose on the settings tab.

Ultimately, the code is simple to extend. You can alter the design of your displays by editing the HTML tags in your dashboard and adding custom CSS. Advanced users can update the CRP template, add functionality, and more using filters and behavior.

Related posts thumbnail plugin

Another highly-regarded related posts plugin in the WordPress directory is the Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress. This plugin, including Contextual Related Posts, allows you to use a custom Gutenberg block, shortcode, or widget to view related posts in your site’s sidebar or in posts or sections. For each post that is shown, you can also add a picture or video thumbnails.

The Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin lets you determine the connection between the current post and the related posts that the plugin suggests. This allows you to have greater control over which similar posts are seen and which material the guests are led to.

The choice for video thumbnails is also included in this plugin. Showing readers a video that teases material on the next page will entice them to click on your suggested pages.

Yet another related posts plugin

One of the most common and commonly used WordPress plugins is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. By supplying visitors with an auto-generated show of related material on your blog, this plugin will help you maximize page views.

YARPP uses an algorithm to generate these displays and looks at the names, body copy, categories, and tags of your pages, posts, and custom post styles, and finds matches.  These matches will then be used in the display of similar material at the bottom of your posts and pages until they exceed the match threshold which you can configure in the plugin settings page.

YARPP deals for all post forms, making it very simple to set up. It has an integrated templating framework that allows you to monitor how your similar articles are viewed, as well as a variety of embed options. The YARPP widget, for example, will view similar content in your site’s sidebar. If you want to show this material somewhere else, you’ll have to update your theme file.

Taxonomy related posts plugin

Another free plugin, Related Posts by Taxonomy, makes it simple to connect related posts to the WordPress blog. This plugin is great for auto-generating lists of relevant content because it can locate related posts regardless of genre, tag, or post style. It also includes picture thumbnails, ties, snippets, and complete posts as view options.

The speed at which Taxonomy’s plugin functions is one of its best features. It has a limited footprint, which means it has no impact on your site’s page speed, which is essential for SEO.

You can also configure which suggested articles you want to add or delete using Taxonomy’s plugin. You will narrow down the choices based on the date of publication, the number of entries, and the meta summary. You’ll be able to see that the guests know only what you want them to see.


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