5 Ways a Website Redesign Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business this year, then it is important to consider how website design can benefit your business. From a user experience perspective to overall branding, the look of your website tells consumers a lot about your business. That is why finding the right web designer is so incredibly important when embarking on this initiative.

To understand just how important a professional website is, you should also understand the key elements that make up a site that not only looks great, but also converts new and existing customers.

Here are five ways website design can benefit your business:

Brand Recognition

If you visit websites for leading brands—such as Apple and Nike—you will see similar design elements: a recognizable logo, visible navigation buttons to find their bestselling items and a color scheme that matches their branding. Without knowingly entering either site, you would be able to tell the brand. While that is in part due to their years of marketing campaigns, it is also in part due to their world-class branded design. Nike shows off models that their target market can relate to, while Apple shows off their newest iPhone. Both designs are on-brand, easy to navigate through and add value to the overall business. 

Imagine what your brand could evolve into with a set of guidelines to help lead your design initiatives. Without a brand, it is just another company. And nothing is less inspiring than a company no one can relate to. Branding your business can help develop a voice and a sense of purpose for offering the goods that you do. It is the key to any successful business, which is why a great website design is so important. 

Consumer Trust

Have you ever visited a website that was so disorganized and unpleasant to look at that you exited the page entirely? It happens all too often, and in this day and age, there is no excuse. When your website does not look professional consumers find it hard to trust your business, especially if you sell goods through your site. Too much white space, lazy layouts and clashing colors can disrupt a consumer’s experience. So, while redesigning your website may seem like a luxury rather than a necessity, it can have a larger impact than you may realize. 

To build trust, your website’s design should blend your brand’s characteristics with an easy-to-use layout where consumers can funnel through the checkout process with ease. Trust is also built with educational content pieces which we will get into more below. 

Content Strategy

Creating a brand that is a thought leader in your industry takes quite a bit of work—and content, too. Your website’s design must be compatible with a blog and additional content pages that your consumers can use as resources. Your content strategy should align with all channels of your website: social media, paid, organic and email. Your design should be synergistic between all channels—meaning no matter which one a consumer lands on, they will be able to recognize your brand. 

Building a content strategy is not easy, which is why hiring or outsourcing a specialist can be exceptionally helpful. It often starts with a content calendar that allows you to map out all communications on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is also a great resource for small businesses that do not have a large marketing budget. Blogging can be beneficial for organic traffic which costs nothing compared to paid traffic, but taking advantage of all channels is the most beneficial for any brand. 

Customer Conversion

Whether you are selling goods directly through your website or merely using it for lead generation, your website design should be optimized for conversions. Every business—though it will look different depending on your selling proposition—has a sales funnel. This funnel is the process in which a consumer finds your business and ultimately converts. Top of funnel strategies are usually those related to content or social media, as these resources will be how consumers first find your business. But once consumers know your business, you need to convince them they need your goods or services and push them to convert. This includes more educational resources and an easy-to-use checkout process. 

An optimized conversion process depends on the quality of your UX design (user experience). More so than just being visually appealing, your design should be integrated with data on how consumers navigate the web in general. Button styles, font visibility and color schemes that both color blind and color seeing consumers can call visually appealing are all important aspects to think about. Any interference throughout the sales funnel can cause consumers to fall off, meaning less revenue. Making sure each part of the funnel is comprehendible and enjoyable is key to any good website design. 

Tech Adaptability

Arguably one of the most challenging parts of a website redesign is the ever-evolving technological piece. Since technology changes constantly, it is very difficult for businesses to stay relevant. While today you may revamp your website features, tomorrow a new tool may come available and your site could quickly become outdated. This is why refreshing your website design continuously is important for any business. 

Imagine a website created in 2010—it would look a lot different than any good website created now. In today’s age, interactive content (such as a quiz or dynamic visual piece) is everywhere. You wouldn’t find that ten years ago, but today it is a feature that sets good brands apart from great brands. 

Website Design and Your Business

At a glance, it is easy to assume your website’s design is only a small part of what makes up your business. That is true in a sense, but it can affect your business in more ways than you realize. Ensuring your design is relevant and enjoyable to look at, can be the difference of a million-dollar company and a billion-dollar company. Ensuring your website aces the five elements of any good site design will be the key to setting your business up for success. 

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